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Jan. 31st
Magic Waves with Laurie Moerman

Open to all. INR 3,500

An open door at best be well-being where we will explore the strong support of the Earth with the different approaches and the freedom of the water. Simple and fun learning energy techniques, meditation and discovery of an unsuspected aquatic world. Playing with the fluidity of water and involving the motion of a free body, and will begin our experimental journey magical waves to the rhythm of the breath of music. A nice introduction to the sensations and pleasure !! Welcome

Feb. 18th - 19th
Aichi with Laurie Moerman

Open to all. 2 days, 12 hours course. INR 6,900

The new Tai Chi practiced in water was created by Jun Konno in the early 90 links. Ai Chi is a new technique of aquatic work wisely acting on the meridians, it is composed of calm movements derived from Thai Chi to compose a "dance in warm water." Fluid movements of Ai-Chi dance reminiscent of the round shape of a circle, and are synchronized with each breath into a meditative state.

Ai Chi is a water exercise and relaxation program that has been created to help aquatic practitioners and students enjoy the water in a flowing yet powerful progression. Aquatic exercise instructors, personal trainers, and aquatic therapy and rehabilitation practitioners will find the Ai Chi workshop beneficial for them and their clients.

Feb. 22nd - 23rd
Woga© (Yoga in water) with Laurie Moerman

Open to all. 2 days, 12 hours course. Credit WABR. INR 6,900

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit and its literal translation means join, return, or "put together what has been separated”. The regenerative powers of "Water" have already been proven and it carries more subtle vibrations. The two things, water and yoga together as complementary goods. The topics covered during this initiation; stretching in the water with HataYoga asanas and postures, the Working breath awareness in part from pranayama, muscle harmonization derivative aquatic eutonie, meditation and symbolism of the body in water. The only way to understand is to experience it!

Feb. 26th
Introduction to Water course “Watsu”
with Laurie Moerman

Open to all. 1 days, 6 hours course. Credit WABR. INR 3,950

The discovery of the benefits of the body and mind with support for hot water. An experience that brings us to the vast universe of sensations and learning awareness of aquatic work.
+ 1 hour Initiation Dolphin's wave for imagine to be dolphin.

March 1st - 2nd
AquaReflexo© 1 with Laurie Moerman

Open to all. 2 days, 14 hours course. INR 7,900

The AquaReflexo is a new method of aquatic work accessible to all of stimulating the reflex points of all organs through acupressure and promote relaxation. Pressure points of the foot being less sensitive in water and on land, energetical work is deeper. This course takes place between land and water by addressing action on the meridians and the wonderful sensation of floating. This is an approach to the theory of reflexology adjusted with the pleasure of the practice in hot water. This discovery course is an exploration of what can happen when we associate Watsu for opening the heart to the effects of hot water as an energy ombudsman and learning the benefits of Chinese medicine. It is also the perfect time to let go in a non-verbal mode of communication, a moment of peace.

March 4th - 9th
Healing Dance 1 with Ashaman Gray

Pre requisite ideally Watsu 1. 6 days & 1 evening, 50 hours course. Credit WABR. INR 27,700

Healing Dance understands movement as medicine, discovering that through “received dance” energies are unblocked and the body finds its own natural flow. The work of Alexander Georgeakopoulos, it emphasizes waves, spirals, and figure 8s, and is distinguished by the exhilarating freedom of movement imparted to receivers, as well as by its refined body mechanics for the giver.

Healing Dance has many aspects, all based on the healing power of movement. In addition to seven full body waves the Healing Dance I sequence encompasses various circles, figure eights and releases, all balanced by the stillness of positional sanctuaries, and woven together with flowing transitions.

March 13th - 14th
AquaReflexo© 2 with Laurie Moerman

Pre-requisite: AquaReflexo© 1. 2 days, 14 hours course. INR 7,900

A deepening of the technique and the energy vectoriels circuits. Aquareflexo 2 allows a reading of the language of the body, to make a more precise diagnosis by points reflexes of the foot and hand, to bring of the preventive and be better. This course supported by the benefactions of the water and the principles of Watsu® will guide us towards a better listening of the other one and itself.

March 18th - 22nd
Dance in Liquid Space, Moving with the elements
With Sophie Costes and Yanaël Plumet

Open to all. 5 days & 1 evening, 32 hours course. INR 21,450

5 days of creative exploration using a combination of body disciplines such as Contact Improvisation, water work, dance, Qi Qong, Yoga and meditation to investigate the influences of the 3 elements Earth, Air and Water on our moving bodies.In the beautiful premises of Magic Water close to Auroville, the proposal invites the participants to nurture a space of presence and awareness to enter a subtle journey of interactions in a generous and sensitive group dynamic.The Dance in liquid space, moving with the elements project is born out of the collaboration of the dancer / Improviser Yanaël Plumet and Water Therapist Sophie Costes to share with complementary skills their common passion for the moving body in relation to its environment.

March 26th - 31th
Healing Dance II With Ashaman Gray

Pre requisite HD I. 6 days & 1 evening, 50 hours course. Credit WABR. INR 27,700

In this training we continue the study of spatial mandalas beyond the waves of Healing Dance I into the spiral, the eight and the spiral eight. Healing Dance II also focuses strongly on bodywork. It offers a toolbox replete with massage techniques and stretches integrated into the flow of movement. The course delivers the fullness of Healing Dance's surface repertoire with an entirely new set of mini-sequences including Seaweed II, The Starfish, Adonis Waves, Arm Waves, and Klimt. Healing Dance II carries further the emphasis on Relating and Mirroring by which students hone the all important art of responding to the kinetic and feeling states of their receivers. A written and photo manual are provided and a DVD of the sequence is made available.Both Healing Dance I & II are surface trainings, without submersion, and are a great way to expand one’s offering to those receivers that cannot yet go under.

Sophie Costes

French born, ayurvedic therapist, yoguini & dancer, is a practitioner of Watsu © and WaterDance ©. She founded Waterness Journey ™, an interactive water modality which uses movement & breath awareness to dance in water. The practice of Vipassana meditation contributes greatly to her water work.Sophie teaches water courses & leads projects on dance festivals since 2011 in Asia and Europe.


Yanaël is a performer and a traveller with a wide interest for the moving body and its adaptation to various contexts.Instant composition, contact-improvisation and site-specific projects are central interest of his work.To deepen his understanding of the mind/body relations and get closer to the sources of movement he integrated Yoga, Qi Qong, Tai-chi and Vipassana meditation to his regular practices.In 2000 he created the structure Compagnie Coulisse with which he led several multidisciplinary and itinerant projects. Based in Istanbul between 2006 and 2012 he directed the Transit Festival dedicated to improvisation and performance art.He has been teaching since 10 years to different kinds of audiences on the 3 continents Europe, Asia and America.


Ashaman has been studying with Alexander since 1999, and certified to teach Healing Dance since 2005. Raised in Auroville, he is always very happy to share this work here. He currently teaches in the US, India, and Spain.


Graduated as Dive Master, specialized in human / dolphin interaction, Laurie organize Dolphin encounter and with the support of Nicolas Hulot, the "teen with autism / dolphin project” in Bahamas. She worked in the most important Parisian spas as therapist, reflexologist and Watsu® practitioner. She then developed her own water technique : AquaReflexo©. Laurie recently became an Instructor Basic Watsu®, Waba.In January 2010, she founded the "Water Magic Treatments" pool in partnership with Dune Eco Village & Spa in South India.And finally is partner with the French School of Watsu.

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